Providing therapeutic & educational placements for children, adolescents, and young adults

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As licensed mental health professionals, we have received years of training and experience in evaluating the clinical presentation of those we work with. We also know how to support families during times of crisis or stress. Our clinical experience gives us a tremendous advantage in formulating appropriate recommendations and/or in home support services.

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Casanova & Toral are a nationally recognized therapeutic placement and educational consulting firm.  We frequently receive national and international calls from parents seeking help for their children who may be struggling due to emotional or developmental issues. Both Dr. Casanova and Rosa Toral are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and have treated chemically abusing adolescents in their clinical practices. This unique experience gives us the ability us understand many of the contextual factors contributing to a student’s substance use such as unresolved trauma.

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Treatment programs and options

We at Casanova & Toral help families determine the best course of treatment for their child. Among the treatment considerations are in-home support, short  term residential settings, longer term residential setting, and clinically sophisticated experiential settings. Finding an inappropriate treatment option, can not only be costly in both financial and emotional terms, an inappropriate placement may also contribute to or exacerbate a child’s presenting issues. As licensed mental health clinicians, we work to tailor our recommendations to address the student’s specific needs.

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