From a Grateful Dad

Our family was in crisis. Our 15 year old son was abusing marijuana and alcohol, rejecting parental authority, staying out all night and failing in school. Our son had complex emotional and health issues including severe food and airborne allergies and anxiety, which triggered anaphylactic shock, requiring visits to the emergency room and hospitalization in the ICU on one occasion. Our son did not seem to care about his own safety or well-being.

In a short period of time, Dr. Bob Casanova reassured, educated and guided us to a wilderness program and a residential program, both excellent fits for our son, while maintaining contact with both programs to monitor our son's progress and well-being. Bob also remained in contact with us to report on our son's progress, while teaching us how to better understand, communicate with and parent our son.

Thanks to Bob's guidance and the programs he recommended, our son is sober this past year, is healthy and is doing well in school. Our relationship with our son is good and we are better parents. Thank you Bob for caring so much for our son and our family!

From Appreciative Parents

Around our home we call Bob Casanova our angel and he truly is. We were referred to Bob when our gentle, loving son was struggling with a severe mental health crisis. We had no idea where to turn and we found in Bob an individual with an incredible capacity for caring.  In the midst of this turmoil Bob was our island of calm and sound reason. He recommended both our son’s first and second placements. Both were perfect matches. We know Bob saved our son’s life. For this we are eternally grateful. And, the more I share our story within the community, the more I hear he has done the same thing for many local families. 

From a Family in Crisis

We walked on egg shells for years, fearing the next impulsive act from our bright and beautiful daughter who had already made so many terrifying choices. After her miraculous survival of a suicide attempt we searched desperately for a treatment program that would meet her needs and quickly realized we had no idea how to go about that. One wilderness program asked us why we didn't have an educational consultant helping us. He recommended we talk to Bob Casanova and little did we know how that simple comment would change our lives for the better. Bob's calm and supportive demeanor, therapeutic training, incredible knowledge, and strong relations with many residential schools were exactly what we needed. He arranged an excellent placement for our daughter, who graduated from the program a little over a year later. Now, years later we count our blessings everyday for that transformational experience and the person responsible for getting us there!
Thanks to Bob Casanova our daughter was placed in an outstanding residential school. The days of living in fear are behind us. Now, we marvel at the results of the behavior modification experience that changed us all. Our daughter is still impulsive and irrational at times, but we all use our lessons well. We stay calm, talk it through, and come to rational resolutions. Our daughter's reflections on her actions, accountability, and desire to be her best is a gift we appreciate completely. We thank Bob Casanova for leading us on the path to this a place of peace. We recommend his service often.